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Why Us?

6 Great Reasons to Use Book Ireland Travel

1) YOU SAVE TIME by not having to plan your own trip
  • ​You don't have to do the RESEARCH (things to do in Ireland, how to get around, finding places to stay, etc.)
  • You don't have to spend time putting an ITINERARY together
​2) Book Ireland Travel is an IRELAND TRAVEL EXPERT​. We have experienced Ireland, researched Ireland and have great relationships with many of Ireland's travel suppliers. It's more than just planning where to go and what to do. It's knowing things like
  • How to use the weather to your advantage such as which activities are best on rainy days or how to use the weather app to maximize your day's activities
  • Which activities/attractions should be pre-booked and which ones should be booked at the last minute. Some must be pre-booked because they are very popular. Others can be booked upon arrival. Keeping your day's agenda as flexible as possible can help you manage things like changes in the weather - it's better to visit the Cliffs of Moher when the sun is out than when it is raining.
  • Which roads should you take when traveling from one city/town to another. Which is a more scenic drive. Which has less traffic. Which is an easier road to drive. Should you use an app like Waze or Google Maps.
  • There's many things that go into planning a trip to help you maximize the fun and enjoyment of traveling. These are things that we will help you with.
3) Book Ireland Travel will provide you with a detailed TRIP COST REPORT which tells you approximately how much our Custom Ireland Itinerary will cost you. We'll, also, provide suggested changes to your itinerary and how much these changes would impact your trip cost.
4) Book Ireland Travel will be your TRAVEL MENTOR from the time you book our service​ until you finish your trip. We're available for any of your questions or concerns. We will provide, from time to time, our suggestions to improve your trip.
5) We will BOOK YOUR RESERVATIONS & TICKETS FOR YOU - whatever is able to be booked in advance (accommodations, car rental, bus or train tickets, attraction tickets, and anything else). We will even discuss with you which things should be booked in advance and which ones should be booked later or paid for at the door. All of this saves you even more time.
6) You can take advantage of the TRAVEL TRADE RATES offered to us by many of Ireland's travel suppliers. This just might cover the whole cost of our services.