Enjoy Ireland

The Temple Bar - one of Dublin's most popular & friendly neighborhoods

and most of all ....... ENJOY Ireland

Enjoy Ireland's STUNNING SCENERY. I think people find it one of the most beautiful things about the Emerald Isle. It's literally everywhere you go. It changes across the island due to different landscapes (the kharst limestone of the Burren is strikingly different than remote Murder Hole Beach), due to weather (you'll see the same scene differently when the sun is out vs when it's raining), due to the time of day (the magic light late in the day before sunset or early morning enhances the beauty of any scene). When getting around, it's important to have your camera ready at all times - there's an awesome scene around every bend in the road.

Enjoy Ireland's PUBS & IRISH MUSIC. It's fun, especially at the end of a long "touristy" day, to sit down, in a local pub, with your favorite beverage and stomp your feet, slap your knees and just get into it. There's over 7,000 pubs across the country. So.....you should be able to find one or two wherever you are. Not all of them will have Irish music, but many of them do. Many will have a traditional (called "trad") Irish music seisiún (session) going on. If you're looking to include this in your itinerary, a couple of my favorite destinations to go are Doolin (near the Cliffs of Moher), Dublin (of course) and Galway (whether it be in a pub or on the streets of the Latin Quarter).

Enjoy Ireland's BREWERIES and DISTILLERIES. Go on a tour, sample their products, blend your own whiskey and take it home, or learn about cocktail making with Irish whiskeys. This makes for a great rainy day activity. There's even some gin distilleries and cider makers to visit if you're interested in something a little different.

Enjoy the beauty and architecture of Ireland's HOUSES & GARDENS. Most are Georgian or Victorian and were built in the 18th to 20th century. They're stately mansions on large estates with many having exquisite, multiple gardens. One even has a family pet cemetery on-site. Some of my favorites include: Powerscourt, Muckross House and Bantry House. 

Enjoy the FUN THINGS to do in Ireland like Dublin's escape rooms (work as a team and answer clues within a set time limit and find the key to unlock the door and escape) and Belfast attractions like We Are Vertigo (indoor skydiving, a huge inflatable park, ninja master course and more) and W5 (with over 250 interactive exhibits including a discovery zone for under 8 year olds, a multi-story climbing structure that's a cross between a maze and a jungle gym, a VR experience, and discover the fascinating world of pharmaceutical and biomedical science).

Enjoy Ireland's ENTERTAINMENT in its many theatres and arenas. Hit shows like Riverdance can be enjoyed during much of the summer season in Dublin. The Celtic Steps show plays to large, mainly touristy audiences in the towns of Killarney and Tralee for several months. Most cities and the large towns have multiple arenas with a full schedule of shows, plays and music events throughout the year. This is a great way to finish the day.

Enjoy Ireland's SPAS. Many beachside hotels/resorts and luxury properties like Ashford Castle, have great spa experiences and health & wellness programs. One area to visit with a substantial spa network is the town of Killarney.