Custom Ireland Itineraries

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Book Ireland Travel wants to PLAN YOUR TRIP to Ireland

Book Ireland Travel will create a detailed CUSTOM IRELAND ITINERARY just for YOU and your fellow travelers. The itinerary combines your thoughts, your desires, just what you want to do during the time you’re on the Emerald Isle WITH our expertise and suggestions.


Your CUSTOM IRELAND ITINERARY will identify what you will be doing, where you’ll be staying, how you’ll be getting around and much, much more - everything you’ll need on a daily basis. And, we won’t stop tweaking the itinerary until you are completely satisfied with it - even while you’re traveling if you want last-minute changes.

Our CUSTOM IRELAND ITINERARY comes with the following:

1) We’ll provide one CUSTOM ITINERARY on a downloadable app that includes the following cool stuff:

  • Summary of your trip including highlights, key destinations & activities, how you’ll be getting around, dates of trip and, of course, some great photos to help get you motivated.

  • Daily itinerary that includes your "day at a glance”, detailed info for each scheduled stop (attraction, museum, brewery, castle, etc.), getting around instructions (routes if you’re driving, train/bus info if using those modes of transportation), lodging info for that night, reservation/ticket confirmations that have been booked for that day, even information like sunrise & sunset times for your convenience.

  • Destination overviews for each area you will be traveling to. Each overview includes things to see and do, options for getting around, suggested restaurants & pubs, shopping info, local tours, scenic drives and other helpful information.

  • General “getting around Ireland” info - If you’re renting a car, we’ll include info about driving in Ireland, how to rent a car and how the car insurance in Ireland works. If you’re getting around by bus or train, we’ll provide key info on how to use these services.

  • Where do I find - if you’re interested in learning more about certain subjects and where to find them,  (i.e. where to find St Patrick, Game of Thrones locations, ancient Ireland sites, Ireland’s best castles, Viking settlements - whatever it is you want), we’ll provide detailed info to help you find these locations and to learn more about them.

  • Helpful info for things like the following:

    • Entering and Exiting Ireland - required info and how the process works

    • Crossing between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland - what you need to know

    • Weather information for the time of year you’ll be visiting

    • SIM card info in case you want to stay connected

    • Helpful apps

    • And more………..

  • Go Green! Download our (iOS or Android) app and access your itinerary details while you’re traveling right from the convenience of your phone or tablet. There’s no need to carry hard copies of any itinerary details.

  • Click HERE to view a Sample Itinerary.


2) We’ll provide one TRIP COST REPORT that identifies how much your itinerary is estimated to cost - by person, by day, by type of expense. Hmmm, that’s pretty detailed. At a glance, you’ll see what’s driving the estimated cost of your trip. This should definitely help keep your trip costs within your budget if you have one. Hopefully, you do. Haha.

  • Tell us your budget and we’ll plan a trip that meets it. We’ll suggest upgrades and reductions to your trip and how they’ll impact your cost.

  • Tell us what’s important to you and we’ll tell you how to make them happen financially.

  • See the sample Trip Cost Reports attached to the above Custom Itinerary samples.


3) We’ll BOOK THE RESERVATIONS/TICKETS for the items (lodging, car rental, bus, train, attractions) noted on the custom itinerary.

  • We’ll go through the items and determine, with you, which ones should be pre-booked. There might be some that are better off not booked in advance as you’ll see from our discussion.

  • We will use the credit card you provide to us to book these items. Before we book any reservations, we’ll provide a list of suggested reservations/tickets and wait for your approval before finalizing any bookings.

  • For each item booked in advance, we will note if the item was paid for at time of booking (i.e. charged to your credit card) or if you will pay later during your travels in Ireland.


4) By purchasing a Custom Ireland Itinerary from Book Ireland Travel, you’ll be taking advantage of our PREFERRED TRADE RATES for things like lodging and attractions which means a lower cost, for you, than if you booked things on your own. You might even save enough to cover the cost of our fee. What a Win/Win that would be.

  • When we book your reservations, you’ll be able to take advantage of any special discounted rates offered to us by our Ireland travel suppliers. These rates are lower than what the typical traveler can obtain on their own.

5) We'll provide TRAVEL TIPS/SUGGESTIONS and ANSWER ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS until you return from your trip.

  • Our travel suggestions and insider information will make your trip even more enjoyable and we'll be available to answer any of your questions from the time you engage us until you return home from the trip. Even when you're in Ireland, text us with any questions or concerns you have and we'll do our best to get answers or assistance to you as quickly as possible.​

Here's How the Process Works

The process is really simple. It all starts with completing our online questionnaire. You can even do it while sipping on your favorite beverage while you’re “travel dreaming”.


Just like a painting, your itinerary starts with a blank canvas. Tell us your thoughts, your ideas, what you like to do and how you like to do it. Tell us the types of things you would like to experience in Ireland. Tell us what’s important to you. Tell us in your own words. Our online questionnaire will guide you through this whole process. Our stimulating questions make it easy for you to convey your travel desires.


If you have some initial questions before completing the online questionnaire and paying the Custom Ireland Itinerary fee, then let us know and we’ll contact you. We’ll chat about your questions and then we can go from there. Let’s make sure we’re on the same page.


Process steps:

  • Complete our online questionnaire (it’s pretty straight-forward) AND pay the Custom Ireland Itinerary fee online.

  • Next, we’ll translate your online questionnaire answers into a suggested itinerary “draft” and forward to you in a nicely organized travel itinerary app. Included in the itinerary app will be the trip cost report to help as you evaluate the itinerary.

  • After you have time to peruse the itinerary draft, we’ll listen to your thoughts and questions, provide suggestions back to you, and continue to tweak the itinerary until you are completely satisfied with it. We can do this through texts, emails or over the phone - whichever is easiest for you. The Custom Itinerary, and all appropriate documentation, will be included in the nice and convenient Custom Itinerary App.

  • When it comes time for booking your reservations and tickets, we’ll obtain your credit card information, discuss our “booking” plan with you and then we’ll book your reservations and tickets at the appropriate time. In these post-Covid days, our goal is to use your credit card to place the bookings without any payment upfront. If an upfront payment is needed, we will discuss with you prior to making the booking.

  • We’ll provide travel tips & advice AND answer your questions throughout this process until you return from your trip. We keep our finger on the pulse of what’s going on in Ireland so we’ll connect you to the latest activities & events for your enjoyment.

  • Getting you ready to travel - shortly before your trip, we’ll meet virtually to review your itinerary one more time to ensure you’re fully comfortable and prepared for your trip. This is a great time to review any last questions you might have.


The above is fairly simplified, but hopefully you understand the major steps in the process. We will hold your hands throughout this entire process as much or as little as you would like us to.


We look forward to working with you and thanks very much for your business. We do not take it for granted.


Click HERE to get started on our online questionnaire.

Our Philosophy

There are a few things we keep in mind to guide us through this process:

  • More information is better than less - as long as it’s well organized and easily accessible. You never know what information you might want at a moments notice. We try to anticipate. Our itinerary app is a great tool for this.

  • Your schedule/agenda in Ireland should be as flexible as possible. Priorities change. Desires change. You should be able to make changes easily. We keep this in mind as we create your itinerary and book reservations for you prior to your departure.

  • We try to have back-up plans for things, like the weather, that may impact your travel schedule.

  • Our general philosophy is: don’t book anything in advance that doesn’t need to be booked in advance. Some tickets are time-sensitive meaning they’re valid for a specific date or maybe even a specific time on a specific date. This hinders your ability to be flexible during your trip. We try to limit, as much as possible, booking these types of tickets in advance. Sometimes, you can’t help it. Tickets sell out for some popular attractions in advance.

  • When it is an option, we prefer to “book now, pay later” using your credit card to guarantee the reservation.

Custom Ireland Itinerary Fee ("the Fee")

The Fee for our Custom Ireland Itinerary Service is TBD

  • This Fee is for one trip up to 14 nights and a maximum of 6 people in your group. With this fee you can use up to 2 credit cards for booking reservations and tickets in advance. If you are anticipating something different, let’s chat in advance to negotiate a fee.

  • This fee is payable to Book Ireland Travel, via credit or debit card, when you submit your online questionnaire. Upon receipt of the fee payment, we will begin creating your Custom Itinerary. 

Terms and Conditions

The Custom Ireland Itinerary Fee is:

  • Not conditional upon you traveling to Ireland

  • Due whether you travel on your own, with your own driver/guide, or with a tour group. However, if you join a Book Ireland Travel Small-Group Tour, you will pay our stated tour price and not a separate Custom Ireland Itinerary fee to us.

If you are traveling to other countries in addition to Ireland (the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland), our Custom Ireland Itinerary Service only includes the portion of your trip that’s in Ireland.