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“EXPERIENCE the BEST of the EMERALD ISLE while you

Keem Bay on Achill Island is definitely off the beaten path

Tours begin ~ Spring 2023

A great movie is based on a great story - one that allows you to escape your personal reality for just a little bit and immerse yourself into the story that’s on screen. This immersion is especially heightened when you’re sitting in a movie theatre. It’s dark. You feel like you’re alone. The visual & sound effects are pushing your every emotion. When the movie ends, you realize you’ve been in a different world for the past few hours. What an incredible feeling. It’s storytelling at its best.


That’s the goal of our tours - to tell some of Ireland’s most incredible & fascinating stories - such as its quest for independence or life during the Georgian & Victorian era. Each of our tour experiences, or activities, is like the scene in a movie. Each one tells a small piece of the overall story. When blended together, they tell some of Ireland’s most important stories. You’ll see the Ireland of centuries past unfold before you. And, you’ll have a front row seat re-living each moment.


Our tours merge these great Irish stories with the really cool stuff we know you’re looking for

  • Enjoying Ireland’s stunning scenery and taking scenic drives along country roads

  • Exploring medieval castles, ancient monasteries and the grand houses of the 18th & 19th centuries

  • Being immersed into the Irish lifestyle and experiencing what “being Irish” is all about

  • Experiencing the world's best Breweries & Distilleries ~ from 400 years old to the 21st century 

  • Foot stompin, knee slappin at the local pub enjoying traditional Irish music (also known as "Trad")

  • Following in St Patrick's footsteps, the land where Titanic was built or maybe a visit to Westeros

  • Listening to Irish mythology and folklore and hoping to see a leprechaun and his pot of gold 

  • Visiting the land of your ancestors & experiencing some of the challenges faced & struggles endured


All of these are a significant part of Ireland’s past. We blend them into the overall tour ‘story’ creating a seamless experience from the start until the final credits roll at the end. You’ll return home with a whole new appreciation and understanding of who Ireland is and what it means to be Irish.


If you’re looking for a great tour experience and to re-live the stories that made Ireland what it is today, then Book Ireland Tours is the right place for you. If you’re interested in joining one of our small-group “story” tours to Ireland, Book Ireland Travel has a number of options to choose from beginning in Spring 2023. 


Let’s take a sneak peak at them…………….



Tour #1 - "This is My Ireland - a story about our Ancestors and the Ireland they grew up in"


Prior to the tour, an Irish genealogy expert will work with you to determine your Irish ancestry - who they were, where they lived, in what time period.


During the first part of the tour traveling as a group, we learn about & experience how our ancestors, in general, lived in Ireland - their lives, their struggles, the fun things they did in life, what a typical day was. We get a feel what emigrating to America might have been like.


During the second part of the tour, you depart from the others and are guided to the region of your ancestors to learn about their lives and the region they lived and grew up in.


For the last part of the tour, we come together and celebrate our Irish heritage. You will not want to miss this. That's all I can say.


This is an awesome experience for the entire family!


This tour begins MAY 21, 2023.

Tour #2 - "Life during Ireland's Georgian & Victorian Era"


Experience life in Ireland during the 18th and 19th centuries. Dress in period costume while you live the life of a socialite and attend the evening ball. One day, you're a member of the Irish Parliament and the next, you're a member of a secret Irish society whose primary goal is to defend the right of tenant farmers in the 18th century. Feel the difference between being Protestant and Catholic during this time. Participate in the Irish Rebellion of 1798. Experience how the potato famine influenced daily life and the difficult choice of emigrating to America.


This tour begins JUNE 4, 2023.


Tour #3 - "Medieval Ireland"


Much of who Ireland is today was influenced by the events of the Medieval Period (also known as the Middle Ages) which lasted for a thousand years (from the 5th to 15th century). Experience what life was like during this millennium - life in an Irish monastery, the arrival and impact of the Vikings followed by the Anglo-Normans and the initial struggles against England. Overnight in a medieval castle while you re-enact daily life. Prepare supper for the castle folk and then sit down at the long table in the castle hall. Learn to play the games that were enjoyed during this time period.


This tour begins JUNE 18, 2023

Tour #4 - "Kids Love Ireland"


If the Kids are happy then the Parents are happy. Isn’t that how the saying goes. How many tours are dedicated to the kids? Well, this one is. 


Parents and Children experience Irish history, culture and heritage in a fun and interesting way. Enjoy all that Ireland has to offer - fun and exciting interactive attractions like indoor skydiving, the building of the Titanic, the re-enactment of emigrating to America and life on one of the ships during the emigration. Explore a medieval castle whose kitchens fell into the sea one stormy night in the 1600s. Experience life in Viking Dublin. 


On this tour, the kids get to help design their own food menus. Prior to the tour, we’ll find out what each child really likes and then we’ll set about searching for their favorites.


This tour begins JULY 2, 2023



Tour #5 - "Ireland’s Food & Beverage Through the Years (from traditional Irish food of centuries ago to the innovative dishes of today AND the explosion of breweries & distilleries)"


Dinner in the midst of a 19th century gaol (Gaelic for jail). Help create the menu and prepare dinner for a popular restaurant. Work a day in a brewery or distillery. Prepare a typical Irish meal - a la the 1800s. Catch your meal and then prepare it, cook it and savor it. Harvest and then savor locally-grown oysters. Forage for seaweed and then learn how to prepare it for a meal. Learn (and enjoy obviously) about the different beverages produced on the Emerald Isle.

These are some of the concepts included in this tour. If you're a foodie or a bevie, this always changing, always something new food and beverage tour is for you.

This tour begins JULY 16, 2023

Tour #6 - "Life in Rural Ireland - the best Back Roads and Small Towns"


No motorways, no hustle and bustle as the saying goes. Relax, take your time and just enjoy life. Scenic country roads, picnics in the most stunning locations, great photo ops. We'll see more of Ireland than you could ever imagine. If you're interested in seeing a side of Ireland that most tourists don't take the time to see, then join us on this tour. We think you'll be very satisfied.

This tour begins JULY 30, 2023


Role playing

  • Kids do this all the time. It’s one of their favorite things to do. We use role-playing to re-enact the little stories of years ago. Some days will be a "role play or re-enactment" day - a day dedicated to re-enacting events of that period such as a siege of a medieval castle or attending a Victorian-era ball.


  • Tour activities are set in the time period of our story using props, theming, decorations that transport you to a different period of time. 

  • Many interactive attractions are themed to the Ireland of yesteryear. They're perfect for our tours.


  • Knowledgeable and entertaining tour guides are the story-tellers that transport you back hundreds of years to a different time in Ireland.

Tour experiences are “stitched” together to lead you from one story scene to the next.


Setting the scene prior to the start of the tour with information for you to see and read about. This is like the movie trailer. It gives you a hint of what the movie is about and helps get you a little excited to experience more.


Intermission gives us a little break from the story. During this time, we’ll do some fun stuff like having a pint and do some knee-slapping, foot stomping in the local pub or just enjoy a relaxing picnic overlooking the stunning Atlantic coast.


“Blending all that Ireland has to offer (scenery, sites/attractions, local life) with key elements of the Irish story” - you’ll gain a whole new appreciation for where Ireland has been and understand how it got to where it is today.


Daily routes are carefully selected for the best scenic drives. We’re not in a hurry to get anywhere.


Lodging is selected based on location, the level of service offered and to fit right in with the tour theme. They’re fully vetted by Book Ireland Travel, highly rated and are not your typical group hotels.


Restaurants, food/beverage experiences and shopping opportunities are selected that fit right in with our tour theme and a connection to our story.


and yes, we definitely leave time to chill at the local Pub (where a trad session can start up at any time)


We’re on the go! We pack in a lot of experiences. We don't leave you on your own for a half or full day at a time. We schedule plenty of time for meals and you’ll definitely have time for shopping. We just don’t schedule large blocks of free time. If you’re  looking for a tour with a lot of free time, then we’re probably not for you. However, you will have free time from about 10 pm to 8 am. So maybe our tours will work for you. Haha.


We're Upbeat! We enjoy a positive atmosphere and having a fun time. We think you’ll like it. 


Flexibility is a key to our tours. We don’t have set times for starting the day, touring, eating, finishing the day, etc. We try and use things like the weather to our advantage whenever possible. If there’s rain slated for the afternoon, we might eat a little earlier and finish touring after dinner if the sun is going to be out.


Surprises - we love surprises. I won't tell you what they are because, well, they wouldn't be surprises then. Let's just say, we think you'll enjoy them.