Book Ireland Travel has one primary service - to plan travelers’ vacations to the Emerald Isle (the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland). That’s it! Oh, and we occasionally lead our own small-group tours. A little more about that later.


Many travelers don’t have the time, or maybe just don’t want to spend the time, planning their own trip. There are other things in life they want to spend their time doing. We get it. Most travelers don’t have the destination expertise (where to go, what to do, which type of lodging to stay in, how to drive on the roads there - yikes!) to plan their own trip. Nowadays, many are a little nervous, since the onset of Covid, to plan their own trips. Rules, regulations change frequently - and are different from country to country. We'll help you sort through all those questions and dilemmas.

This is why we’re here. We approach every trip with a “this is a trip of a lifetime for you” attitude. There’s so many destinations to visit and so little time. Will you ever return to Ireland again? Maybe not. So let’s make this trip a really, really special one.


We don’t sell canned packages. You won’t see an itinerary with a package price on our site. We’re not like a restaurant where you order off a menu. Our menu is Ireland - and all that it has to offer.


We start with a blank canvas and learn, from you, what you really want to do on a trip to Ireland. Tell us what your interests are, what you like to do, things that you want to experience. Tell us how you would like to travel - on your own, with a private guide or maybe with a group. We start by asking you to complete our online questionnaire - easy, peasy and at your convenience! That’s all that’s needed to get our creative juices flowing.

We’ll plan a vacation that’s just what you’re looking for. We know Ireland (through our many travels on the island and the ton of research we do in keeping up with all the new and changed offerings). We have relationships with all the key suppliers.


We’re travel planning experts and we really strive to provide great guest service. With 38 years in the travel business, and more than half of that with Disney Parks & Resorts, we’ve got the experience and know what to look for. 


Our consistent goal is to exceed your expectations - in everything we do for you. Take a look below and see how we can help you realize that Irish trip of a lifetime.