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Ireland - a destination

60 million years in the making

The Giant's Causeway on Northern Ireland's Causeway Coast

“Ireland is a land of medieval castles, where St Patrick roamed in the 5th century converting pagans to his Christian faith. It’s a land besieged for a thousand years by foreign invaders - the Vikings, the Anglo Normans and the English and now it’s known as Game of Thrones territory. It’s a magical place where leprechauns have a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s a land where many of our ancestors once called home. One thing is for sure - it’s stunningly beautiful.”

1 - Fall in L    VE with the Emerald Isle

"let us show you why it's one of the planet's most visited destinations"
Doonagore Castle near the village of Doolin, Ireland

From medieval castles to Ireland's stunning outdoors, there's so much to explore. Ancient sites, like Newgrange, are older than the pyramids. Skellig Michael is awaiting your arrival.

EPIC, the Irish Emigration Museum in Dublin, Ireland

From medieval castles to Ireland's stunning outdoors, there's so much to explore. Ancient sites, like Newgrange, are older than the pyramids. Skellig Michael is awaiting your arrival. Experience the Ireland of years past - the potato famine, the quest for independence, why so many emigrated to other lands. Experience activities like "hawk walks" that are uniquely Irish.

The Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland

Stunning scenery

Pubs & Irish music

Breweries & distilleries

Theatres & shows like Riverdance

Dublin's "exit games"

Wellness & spas

2 - Discover your travel options:

Rent a car & self-drive. It's not hard driving on the left. We'll explain the whole process including insurance. Kicking back on the train or riding the bus are really popular.

Let someone else do the driving. Sit back, relax, take in the scenery while your guide tells the story of this magical place.

Go with a group of friends/relatives or maybe friends you just haven't met yet (like one of our small-group tours).

Whether you're on a budget or looking for a luxury trip - there's something for everyone.
Murlough Bay is located on the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland
Murlough Bay (aka Slaver's Bay on Game of Thrones)
You've got many travel options when visiting Ireland
Book Ireland Travel will find the perfect fit for you

3 - Book Ireland Travel can help get you there:

Bay Coast - Derryclare Lake, Galway
Derryclare Lough (in the Connemara region)

Plus, we'll give you a detailed report of how much it will cost you! $$

Custom itineraries - starting with your input, we'll create an itinerary that meets your travel desires and budget; we'll process all of your reservations (you'll take advantage of our special trade rates which might save you some $) - from $295
  • Travel on your own or we'll suggest a driver/guide
Small group tours - join one of our tours that will immerse you into the Ireland you've dreamed about
Travel advisory services  - we can hold your hand, or maybe just guide your bike or we can watch you from afar; whatever your style, we will provide as much or as little coaching as you'll want or need.

Visiting Ireland just might be one of the best trips you’ll ever take. You might end up saying it was your trip of a lifetime, but you’ll never know unless you go.  Don’t wait any longer.........Go Now!!! 

Book Ireland Travel will help you get there. It’s what we do.

4 - Let's Get Started:

John on the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

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#hashtag your way around Ireland with Book Ireland Travel

With a background of 38 years working for hotels, resorts, theme parks (20 with Disney Parks and Resorts) and extensive travel experiences during his lifetime (sometimes backpacking for months at a time through some of the planet's most incredible destinations), John Opperman has created a new business that focuses on his favorite travel destination - the Emerald Isle (the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland).

 Book Ireland Travel has been a long time in the making.

"One thing I learned at Disney is to exceed people's expectations. If you will let me, I will strive to exceed your expectations".

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